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WASE Quality Program

The quality of WASE services has always been at the heart of our association’s policies. The adequacy of the educational sessions, the preparation of our instructors, the care and detail of our diving centers are our business card and the control of all the pieces that make up the large WASE family is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of our divers in the first place.
With this aim the WASE Quality Program was born, a network of initiatives dedicated to our divers to make the diving experience more and more up to their expectations, always focusing on the aspects of safety and compliance with current regulations.

FeedbackWASE Service

Criticism and suggestions help you grow, and compliments are always nice. With this in mind, the following email is active: quality@wasediveducation.com. Use it to communicate with us, whether your experience in one of our diving centers or with one of our instructors was unforgettable, if you feel that there are some things to improve, and especially if you did not feel comfortable or felt that you did not dive safely.
A team at your service will take charge of your report and will ensure that your contribution can raise the quality level of our association more and more.

CheckWASE Service

Do you want to check if the diving center you are about to dive with or if your instructor is authorized to carry out the activities in which they are involving you? Check the status of your permissions via the CheckWASE service! Diving Centers and Instructors are obliged to renew their affiliation annually, and the list is constantly updated.

Currency ServiceWASE

If you have recently been a WASE student in any of the courses delivered by our instructors or in our dive centers, please help us improve our educational paths by answering the course evaluation questionnaire.

AlertWASE Service

This particular service informs divers in the case of instructors, assistant instructors, divemasters and dive centers who have not been duly authorized by WASE to carry out the diving activity.

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