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Master Instructor


Master Instructors are the most experienced and qualified instructors in Active Teaching Status.

master instructor

Certified students

Minimum age

Logged dives

They have sufficient experience in teaching all WASE Programs and have a perfect understanding of the WASE Standards and Procedures. The qualification of Master Instructor is an important prerequisite for participation in the Instructor Course
WASE Trainer.

The Master Instructor, an example for new WASE Instructors and instructor candidates, can:
– teach and certify students in all WASE courses up to the Assistant Instructor level
– apply for the WASE Instructor Trainer Course


● Turning 18
● Have been a WASE Instructor for at least two years
● Record of at least 150 open water dives in the Dive Log
● Be an ITP Staff Instructor in an active teaching state
● Be qualified to teach a minimum of 8 specialties including Night, Deep and Navigation
● Have certified at least 150 students with the WASE System, 50 of whom as Advanced OWD or higher
● Active BLSD-First Aid Instructor WASE Certification


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