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ITP Staff Instructor

WASE ITP Staff Instructors are WASE Specialty Instructors who have completed the necessary training to assist the Instructor Trainer while conducting the Instructor Training Program.

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The ITP Staff Instructor is an important qualification in the WASE Training System. This course prepares the instructor to take on additional responsibilities in teaching, developing their skills and broadening their experiences.

The ITP Staff Instructor can:
1. teach and certify students in all WASE Courses up to the Assistant Instructor level
2. assist WASE Instructor Trainers in the planning, preparation, logistics and conduct of the ITP Course
3. conduct specific ITP Course training sessions under the supervision of a WASE Instructor Trainer
4. evaluate the theoretical-practical presentations of the instructor candidates during the ITP
5. Submit the WASE Master Instructor Application


● Turning 18
● Be a WASE Divemaster Instructor in Active Teaching Status and licensed to teach a minimum of eight (8) specialties
● Have certified at least 75 students in any WASE Course

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