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The WASE Divemaster Course provides training in the management of diving groups, navigation and equipment maintenance. The Divemaster is the first level of affiliation as a WASE Member.
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At the end of the course, the WASE Divemaster will be able to:
1. plan, organize and supervise non-training dives for WASE or higher certified Open Water Divers (or equivalent if certified by other agencies) in non-technical recreational diving
2. Be part of a crew, provide certified divers with briefings and debriefings about the boat and the dive site
3. Use Marine Communication Equipment Properly
4. Know the operation of compressors and diving equipment
5. Use the buoy and signal platform correctly
6. Properly provide first aid and BLS (Basic Life Support) techniques
7. Provide simple basic maintenance of the diver’s personal equipment
8. Lead WASE certified Scuba Divers to a maximum depth of 12 meters and with a maximum ratio of 6 Scuba Divers per WASE Divemaster
9. Autonomously instruct and patent students with the snorkeling program according to the provisions of standards
10. Conduct the WASE Scuba Review Program to Certified Divers
11. After related training with a Trainer, teach the following specialty courses: Equipment, Archaeology, Naturalist, Shark Awareness

● Completion of 18 years of age by the end of the course
● BLSD-First Aid WASE Patent or equivalent grade not expired
● Training in Emergency Oxygen Administration
● WASE Rescue Diver certification or equivalent degree
● Medical certificate issued within the previous 12 months attesting to the suitability for the practice of diving
● Recording of at least 60 open water dives in the Dive Log
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