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Assistant Instructor

The WASE Assistant Instructor is qualified to assist WASE Instructors in all phases of student training.

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In addition to the duties that a Divemaster can perform, a WASE Assistant Instructor, in active status, can also:
1. Act as a Patented Assistant for all WASE recreational courses
2. Conduct the theoretical lessons and sessions of the pool/delimited basin, with some exceptions
3. autonomously guide OWD students during surface swimming to and from the dive entry point, under the direct supervision of a WASE Instructor
4. The Assistant Instructor can supervise OWD students both above and below water and accompany them directly to and from the training location, under the direct supervision of a WASE Instructor
5. Provide assistance within the training dives in open water, under the indirect supervision of a WASE instructor, accompanying no more than 2 students at a time, for the pleasure ride in the following courses:
– OWD in all parts of the discovery tour in open water dives, except
The immersion of module one
– Advanced OWD or for the Specialties for which it is patented


● Turning 18
● BLSD-First Aid WASE Patent or equivalent grade not expired
● WASE Divemaster certification or equivalent degree
● Medical certificate issued within the previous 12 months attesting to the suitability for the practice of diving


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