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TheOWI Open Water In structor is the first instructor level obtainable in the WASE Instructor Programme.

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TheWASE Open Water Instructor is qualified to teach all WASE courses up to Rescue level.

Specialties require specific training as a Specialty Instructor obtainable with a WASE Instructor Trainer.

1. Is the first level of autonomous WASE Instructor able to conduct all WASE courses up to the Rescue level.
2. May participate in a BLSD-First Aid Instructor Course and certify students at this level.
3. May qualify as a WASE Specialty Instructor by attending specialty seminars given by certified Trainers, as well as by presenting specialty course syllabi documenting competence.
4. May qualify as a Divemaster Instructor by gaining the necessary experience and qualifications.


18 years of age
● Assistant Instructor certificates or equivalent
● Medical certificate issued within the previous 12 months confirming fitness to dive


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