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TheInstructor Tra iner is the highest level of certification in the WASE Training System. TheInstructor Trainer leads all certification levels of the WASE Training System.

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Instructor Trainers are certified by the WASE through an Instructor Trainer Programme conducted by the venue.
Instructor Trainers must remain in Active Instructor status by participating in an Instructor Trainer refresher conducted by WASE every 24 months.

TheInstructor Trainercan:
1. teach and certify students in all WASE Courses
2. conduct the ITP (Instructor Training Program), ICP (Instructor Crossover Program) and ISP (Instructor Specialty Program) Courses
3. assist a WASE Examiner during the Instructor Examination


● 18 years of age
● Been a WASE Instructor for at least two (2) years
● Recorded at least 250 open water dives in the Dive Log
● Patented at least 250 students with the WASE System
● Certified WASE Master Instructor in Active Teaching Status
● Certified ITP Staff Instructor WASE
● Certified BLSD-First Aid Instructor WASE not expired
● Obtained approval from WASE

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