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Junior Advanced OWD


The Junior Advanced OWD WASE (AOWD) course is for all divers who want to improve their skills in the water and experience different types of diving in a fun way.

Junior AOWD

Max. depth

minimum age

recorded dives

The course Junior Advanced OWD WASE is the course that will help you gain confidence in your diving skills and introduce you to new types of diving.

You will discover with the help of a WASE Instructor:
1. Natural and instrumental navigation
2. Safe deep diving (21m.)
3. Night diving and wreck diving
4. Current diving
5. Diving from a boat
6. How to use the computer and dry suit
7. Research and development

Each dive of the Junior Advanced OWD WASE Course can be considered valid and accredited as the first dive of the corresponding Specialty Course (Night, Deep, Navigation).

The patented Junior Advanced OWD WASE must always be accompanied on every open water dive by a patented diver of legal age.
The patented Junior Advanced OWD WASE at the age of 15 years can participate in an Up Date conducted by a WASE Instructor and apply for the Advanced OWD WASE certification.

Prerequisites: possession of a JOWD licence.

course structure


5 dives including...


night diving


deep diving


dive with navigation


at least 3 theory lessons + final quiz

patent diver

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