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Would you like to try deep diving up to 39 metres, or discover a wreck with the safety of a Nitrox mixture? Discover the Specialties for you...


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A specialty is a series of dives that present the diver with particular aspects of recreational activity, such as: deep diving, photography and video diving, dry suit diving, etc.

Here is the list of specialities that you can apply for at the WASE Centre. In order to participate in the specialty courses you must have the Open Water Diver Certificate, except for some specialties where it is necessary to have achieved the Adavanced Open Water Certificate (*).

● Equipmet Specialist
● Maximum Execution of Trim
● Multilevel Diver
● Naturalist Diver
● Deep Diver*
● Navigation Diver
● Night Diver
● Dry Suit Diver
● Wreck Diver*
● Nitrox Diver
● Air Compression Diver * (+ Deep)

course structure


theory module


confined water module if present


open water module if present

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