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The birth of WASE DivEducation

The history of WASE DivEducation has its roots in 1982 in Texas, in Lubbok when a group of divers got together moved by the idea of doing diving in a different way, thus NASE, an acronym for National Academy Scuba Educators, was born. The idea was, in fact, to not just teach how to go underwater, but to educate new divers to respect the sea and its conservation.

The Expansion of NASE-WASE

Under this new philosophy developed training methodologies that soon colonized all of America so much so that in 1999 NASE absorbed the WASE(Word Academy Scuba Educators) brand and became NASE-WASE. In Italy, WASE arrived in 1997 by the owner of Sector who, in his far-sighted vision of creating a pool of outstanding sportsmen and women, understood the potential of the new philosophy for dive training by becoming a spokesman and patron of the new goals.

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Growth and international recognition

WASE Italia enters the booming European diving market as a protagonist, thanks also to the support that Sector with its new "No Limits" team can give it. In those years in order of numbers it expands to represent one of the most important Italian didactics in terms of quality and number of patents, and begins to open offices also in Europe and Egypt, also accomplice to a wise marketing vision made of big advertising campaigns in specialized and not specialized magazines and the presence in all the most important fairs with huge stands. The direction of the brand is entrusted to the Iacono brothers and the educational part to Vittorio Bianchini as instructor evaluator helped in the office by Stefano Gasparotto former instructor evaluator. The development of the training lines with the production of all the manuals and the beginning of a great work of popularization and promotion of the sea at 360° belongs to those years. WASE Italy is the first didactics in Europe to invest money and resources in the preservation of our Blue Planet.


"Blue" Revolution and Environmental Commitment

In 2004 Vittorio Bianchini buys the brand and starts the "green" or better to say "Blue" revolution of the brand: he establishes closer and closer relationships with the real professionals of the sea: doctors, doctors and researchers who make the study and protection of the sea their life; important collaborations are born, such as the one with Dan, thanks to whose support, studies on underwater medicine are conducted so important that in the "Endless Diving" experiment in 2007 NASA, ESA and the Italian Navy also participate as observers. Also on the safety front, WASE Italy becomes one of the leading educators, understanding before others, the importance of recognition to the quality and safety of its training programs and certifies its courses internationally according to ISO standards.(2008) Also in the same year is the DES (Diver's Environmental Survey) project: WASE Italia, sponsors a project involving Greenpeace and DAN, and driven by the need to know the real state of health of the Italian coasts undertakes a tour along the whole of our peninsula and thanks to the help of more than 150 diving centers collects data for scientific research and sea protection. This is the first time that sport divers have become protagonists of scientific research. The results of this work prompted WASE Italia to revolutionize its entire structure by closing its offices in Perugia and encouraging smart working for its employees.Another important step was the transfer of all forms to digital format, so as to limit the use of paper and reduce water consumption in printing processes, and the replacement of plastic patents with PET ones. Maybe these are small things, but they represent a big change of course. In those years, economic prosperity incentivized consumption and the environmental issue was nowhere near as fashionable as it is today. WASE Italy 's choices were definitely against the grain.

DivEducation: a new era of diving education

Between 2012 and 2015 in Jacksonville, Florida, the new assets of WASE were rediscussed with the commitment to draw up a new manual that would meet the demands of the much more demanding European market, so in 2016, an agreement was reached to divide the brand: NASE remains to operate in the American market while WASE in the European one(Wordwild Accademy Scuba Educators) and Vittorio Bianchini took over ownership to continue the project of diving education aimed at respect and the environment that had begun almost twenty years earlier. The addition of the name DivEducation is intended to emphasize precisely this commitment. Increasingly convinced of the responsibility that divers have towards the sea, he surrounds himself with great professionals to draw up a new manual that is increasingly inclusive and attentive to education and respect for the underwater world. In 2016, the Atlantis Prize, a unique foundation of its kind, is one of the few that totally rejects the commercial root proper to most of the events revolving around the world of diving, to reverse course towards goals that cannot be postponed: to bring more and more people closer to loving the Underwater Planet, to promote a conscious Culture.

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