WaseDiveducation launches new social media campaign to become a dive instructor

14 Apr 2023

WaseDiveducation, the leading dive training organization, has announced the launch of a new social media advertising campaign to promote the "Become a Dive Instructor" program.

The advertising campaign, which will be spread across Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads, is designed to invite diving enthusiasts to enroll in the training program to become instructors. The landing page dedicated to the program, which can be accessed at the link https://www.wasediveducation.com/diventa-istruttore/, provides all the information needed about the training course, certifications earned and career opportunities available.

"Our new social media advertising campaign is a tremendous opportunity for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the diving world," said Wase Diveducation CEO Vittorio Bianchini. "The training offered by Wase Diveducation ensures that participants have the necessary skills to become highly qualified dive instructors ready to handle any type of diving situation. In addition, we offer discounts to juniors under 30 and job opportunities at the dives."

The social media advertising campaign, which will begin next week, will include targeted ads, striking images and exciting videos to invite diving enthusiasts to embark on this fantastic adventure.

For more information about the "Become a Diving Instructor" campaign and career opportunities offered by Wase Diveducation, please visit the official website at https://www.wasediveducation.com/.

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