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We are committed every day to education and refresher programs for every level of diver, for those who are starting to go underwater as well as programs for professionals who aspire to a career in diving.


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From your baptism of the sea to becoming an Instructor Evaluator, WASE will accompany you to discover the underwater world
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Start diving

Start your underwater adventure! Learn with us the techniques to dive safely from the first dive with your WASE instructor.


Keep Diving

Is 20m no longer enough for you? Discover our courses for those who want to get more and more in tune with the underwater world.


Kids & Juniors

The passion for diving has no age! Discover the paths to approach the underwater world designed specifically for children and teenagers.

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Teaches how to dive

PRO COURSES - Do you want to pass on your passion to your fellow members or do you want to make diving a profession? Here are the courses for you.

“The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish.”

Jacques Cousteau
(1910 -1997)
French explorer, navigator, soldier, oceanographer and filmmaker

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Don’t sit and wait.
Get out, feel the life.
Touch the sun and immerse yourself in the sea.

– Gialal al-Din Rumi

Wase DivEducation Centers

Are you looking for the Wase DivEducation Center closest to your home or vacation spot? Use the interactive map to discover all the Wase DivEducation Centers in the world!
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ITF Wase Centres

Navigate the interactive map to discover all the Wase DivEducation Centers in Italy and around the world.
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News from WASE Centers

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